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149973 1642895708736 1127145458 31830827 6567630 n AnaAna Seidel is the author of What You Don’t Fix…Your Kids Inherit: Change Your Habits, Improve Their World.

She is also the mother of four children, ages 5 to 14, and the creator of the Easy As Pie Parenting Method.

Ana and her husband, Cory are entrepreneurs, speakers, and visionaries. Together, they founded Six-S, LLC; a company dedicated to teaching parents how to inspire their children, take action steps toward their dreams, and become successful adults. Through this endeavor, they enjoy helping parents raise a new generation of children.

Both Ana and Cory have mentored and motivated dozens of parents to achieve a harmonic family life. They understand the value of creating trust and building relationships within the family.

The Seidel’s groundbreaking work in the field of parenting is giving way to numerous teleseminars, podcasts and learning programs. Through their own hectic family schedule as well as their various business endeavors, they have learned the lesson first hand that stress in our lives may be optional but learning how to deal with it is not.

Ana and Cory’s webpage,, helps parents learn to interact with their children in a fun and positive way. Their commitment to inspire families to greatness is evident each and very day through their passionate engagement with each parent they encounter.

Ana has a degree in Advertising Communications and almost completed a second degree in Art. She used her creative talents to write Simple Steps: Easy Art for Scrapbooks and created a line of Page-Toppers for scrapbooks. Ana is fortunate to stay at home to raise their children. This has given her the insights that she brings to her passion of helping parents talk differently to their children.

Her mission is to help people replace, “We can’t afford it,” with, “We don’t choose to spend our money that way.” It is a subtle difference, but one that is very important in creating a scarcity verses abundance mentality. Ana’s experiences have been instrumental in the creation of their book, What You Don’t Fix… Your Kids Inherit as well as her Easy As Pie Parenting Method.