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Is Screen Time Scary?

Halloween Controversy – No trick or treating for Nelsons and no Halloween fairy for Seidels. A’s website is getting more popular, K admires her son’s boldness. A helps a mom in Pakistan – what advice did she give? Screen time for our children – K & A have made some changes.     Like what [...]

Tantrums: Taming The Little Demon

  Fall is here! How is K dealing with the weather change in the Pacific Northwest. Seasonal Depression -K shares some tips on how she deals with it. Speaking of Fall, hear how K had a literal fall of her own and has the bump to prove it. “What do you mean did I drop [...]

The Myth Of Multitasking in Parenting: The After Show

We review our interview with author Dave Crenshaw and discuss how The Myth of Multitasking has impacted our lives. We share some rules about brown rice.What messages are we sending our kids when we’re so busy…You don’t matter to me. Did we “draw the line in the sand” like Dave suggested? K shares the experience [...]

Creating Peace In Your Home

Today’s Topics: We’re sharing breaking news about the Positive Parenting Network Spring Fling. You won’t believe the authors we’re interviewing and our brand new sponsor! We give you some behind the scenes dirt about putting this event together. Why are we chatting about hashtags? What is A’s primary objective when she wakes up and why [...]

Vaccinations: Who’s Really Right?

Latte Extra Foam 04/21/2011 Today’s Topics: More info about our exciting project; the Positive Parenting Network Spring Fling. A needs to confront Justine’s art teacher about her latest project. K gets steamy about the vaccination debate. Is she making the right choice? A chats about her trip to the SAM Retreat in Utah. She shares [...]

Lying: How We Teach our Kids to Lie

Latte Extra Foam 03/31/2011 Today’s Topics: A’s Steaming Cup Story is about her lost wallet – did her kids steal it? Can your sweat burn you? What’s the very best thing to do if your child is lying? K chats about why it can be so hard to break the bonds from our ancestors. Are [...]

Screen Time – How Much is Too Much?

Latte Extra Foam 03/17/2011 Today’s Topics: We’re foaming about whether our kids have more or less screen time? Our answer might surprise you. Are you guilty of stacking, split-tasking or multi-tasking? Should your children listen to music while doing homework and are iPads good for autistic children? A share’s her children’s results using SpellQuizzer software [...]

Ashes Ashes: Is Your Child’s Daycare Fireproof?

Latte Extra Foam 03/11/2011 Today’s Topics: The recent tragic fire in a Houston daycare got us thinking. How do you keep your kids safe from fire when they are at daycare? Fire safety is our Steaming Cup Story and how ignoring your intuition could put your children in danger.┬áCheck out these preventative measures. A’s daughter [...]

Latte Extra Foam 2/10/11: Jurassic Park at Daycare?

Tune in as K & A chat it up about this week’s parenting antics including panic attacks, poop in the kitchen, and People of Wal-Mart. Join us!

Latte Extra Foam 02/03/2011

Today’s Topics: How many different ways can we talk about perspective? A shares info on the new Seidel family member, the proper way to pick up a cat and updates on our projects. A chats about a book she never would have chosen on her own and learns about Seasons in Your Heart. K foams [...]

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