OCD Freakout Turned Fabulous!

K has lost a Xander, how’s she handling it? A gives a shout-out to her best friend from elementary school. A dolphin has moved in to K’s home and then catastrophe hits. K addresses her OCD freakout. A’s feeling feverish and is debate weary. How does A handle the kids that do and don’t want to go [...]

Mommy & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

A just wanted to work out for one hour! and it turned into our Steaming Cup Story. She shares how she channeled her rage and discovered a brand new painting technique for natural nails. K experiences the ultimate Mommy retreat and it’s not a Carribean vacation! She’s also challenging her kids in an interesting way. Eli wants magnet [...]

Planning the Perfect Romantic Vacation

A’s husband gets very creative when they are planning the perfect 20th Anniversary Romantic Vacation. Wait until you hear their plans! A has exciting news – is she pregnant? Also, she has to draw the line with Justine. What is the danger of being an introvert? K’s kiddos have turned on the cute factor this [...]

A Real Workout for Real Moms 3.1.12

Losing the bellyfat after having children might seem impossible, but K and A’s favorite workout takes 15 minutes in your living room. No weights, Zumba, Pilates…what is it? Oxycise. A makes a huge apology to K. And why are K’s boys getting mud pies for Valentine’s Day next year? Has K recovered from her “fried [...]

Crafty Mom Failure! 2.16.12

Have carrier monkeys moved in our homes? Ana’s daughter has been sick for over two weeks and how is it messing with A’s rituals? How is K helping her 3yo who won’t stop complaining? K finally discovers the real reason that Eli doesn’t want to go to school.  Death falls on the Seidel home. How [...]

Willpower: Can’t Change Kids’ Bad Habits 2.2.12

A shares the latest research on Dopamine and how it affects your brain. It’s NOT what we believed. How can you use this info to help your children with their bad habits? K’s getting gross again but it’s for an important health reason that she’s talking poop. The stress in K’s home has affected Eli [...]

Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen – Good Parenting?

  A frustrated dad shoots his troubled daughter’s laptop for ranting on Facebook about him and posts the Youtube video on her facebook page. Is this good parenting? Kirsten and Ana are on fire about this parenting tactic! Listen in. What do you think? Download Podcast Below: To Listen Now: Click play triangle in [...]

Buried In A Winter Wonderland 01.26.12

Why is A’s husband talking about thongs in church? K’s got big eyes about chocolate and rice? A realizes that she would make a horrible prairie housewife. Why does K want to be fed to the wolves? K tells A that she’s a great conductor during the great Olympia snow storm. How did A learn [...]

Bellyfat: Sinister or Sexy? 1.12.12

We make an important decision about our podcast. What does K do that shocks A’s 8 year old. A digs up dirt on Sephora. How is Payless Shoes and indicator of our depressed economy? How are Zumba and YouTube connected? What gets us talking about pole dancing and marshmallows? (More below…) We apologize in advance [...]

Teens Talking Back Have Bright Futures

Just who is the boss in this duo? K’s griping about Duchess and 125 is her new favorite number. Why are our parents grounded for putting us on an emotional roller coaster? What is making A feeling like a total geek? A finds research that backs up her advice to argue with your teens more. When [...]

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