Kirsten’s Big Move!

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K and A are finally recording in the same room! K shares her new loves from the Pacific North West. Does McDonalds serve anything vegetarian? K’s children experience the ocean and K’s camera meets a catastophe. Can rice be the cure?

What is K’s deal with carpet? Why are we talking about cute boxes? A’s getting rid of 1/2 of her stuff at a yardsale. Just what is Spider Spit? A’s dealing with Lime Green and dungeons! How many time zones can Brandon take?

A is excited about a bed! Do K and A have Scruples? K shares her first kiss…how well did it go?
A wins an international nail art competition and K kicks A’s ass with Oxycise!

A shares her sheltered TV life experience…and how is helium made? K has experienced heaven….how? Why does A have 2 of everything? How does all of this go together? Tune in to find out.

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