Child Behavior: Bribe or Treat?

PinExt Child Behavior: Bribe or Treat?

We have a big shoutout to a new fan! A is back on track and filling her cup. A has a hot debate with her son and makes a distinction between bribery and rewards. K is biting,  sunk, and has a personal scare and her nurse gives her a high five.

A is trapped in the glow of her new computer, is designing and ordering pies. K’s bling is attracting girls. A explains the difference between bribery and rewards to Dane.

A tries something new and discovers that boys are different! Why does one of her sons insist on facing the wall when they talk? K illuminates why kids misbehave.

A’s christmas tree is a temporary health hazard and what does it have to do with Boxing Day? K’s choses kindness over the safety of her ornaments. (More below…)

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A’s mother comes to her for coaching about a personal dilemma rather than hiring a therapist. K disagrees a bit about tradition and ritual.

Are the 90′s back? K’s son bears a scarlet letter and Xander has cracked his skull? We chat about kids growing pains and foam about ironing, sheets, and L shaped holes.

Due to microphone issues, we apologize for K sounding like she’s in an echo chamber.

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Shout out to Atarah Wright, The Magic Cash Lady!

Podcast on on the many ways boys and men are struggling in society; why the helping professions (therapists, health care workers, etc) aren’t equipped to actually help males; why approaches that work for women and girls will not work for men and boys.  Listen in.

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pixel Child Behavior: Bribe or Treat?

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