Children! Please Stop Whining! …NOW!

PinExt Children! Please Stop Whining!  ...NOW!

Children Stop Whining Now 300x1761 Children! Please Stop Whining!  ...NOW!While researching Kim Kardashian for our photoshop episode, A discovers that Julia Roberts was banned in the UK. Why and at what cost? A finally crosses a business milestone and confronts her boss.

What happened when A checked-out of parenting for a month? Has K bitten off too much with her new job? She has also fallen in love. We share our tips for handling whining children.
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A points out K’s self imposed insanity and why is she saving caterpillars? K’s is kissing the muffin-top away and shares the best way to flatten your belly and boost your cleavage. A admits how 29 cents is making her very happy and why her mother is cursing. Justine experiences a tragic death and A is consumed with black.

K shares an amazing email she received and made her cry & then turn into a sticky pile of goo. Eli gets scissor happy and K shares her experience while sampling meat… it wasn’t good. A starts K’s idea of an extra allowance – how is it working for her? Strangely, all of this fits together…tune in….

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Julia Robert’s Banned Lancome Ad

gty julia roberts 300x232 Children! Please Stop Whining!  ...NOW!






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Parenting Chat Cafe Dove Beauty Girls 300x225 Children! Please Stop Whining!  ...NOW!








Ana’s Halloween Spooky Eyes Nail Art for Natural Nails Design

Spooky Eyes Halloween Simple Nail Art 288x300 Children! Please Stop Whining!  ...NOW!

pixel Children! Please Stop Whining!  ...NOW!

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