Crafty Mom Failure! 2.16.12

PinExt Crafty Mom Failure! 2.16.12

Have carrier monkeys moved in our homes? Ana’s daughter has been sick for over two weeks and how is it messing with A’s rituals? How is K helping her 3yo who won’t stop complaining?

K finally discovers the real reason that Eli doesn’t want to go to school.  Death falls on the Seidel home. How does A help her daughter deal with grief. Why is A encouraging her husband to argue more? Is he teaching Justine to lie to him? (More below…)

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A has a medical announcement and K is feeling really guilty that she’s not a Martha Stewart Mom. How does she come to terms with it?

K is going on the ultimate field trip. Will she survive? A has a big announcement, but will it damage her relationship with her mother. A has started using 1-2-3, but it’s not with her kids. Why does K think you’re going to want to smack her?

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Extras/Show Notes

Here’s the Valentine card that made Kirsten cry…

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pixel Crafty Mom Failure! 2.16.12

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