Planning the Perfect Romantic Vacation

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Planning Perfect Romantic Vacation 300x176 Planning the Perfect Romantic VacationA’s husband gets very creative when they are planning the perfect 20th Anniversary Romantic Vacation. Wait until you hear their plans!

A has exciting news – is she pregnant? Also, she has to draw the line with Justine. What is the danger of being an introvert? K’s kiddos have turned on the cute factor this week. (More below…)

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A’s son’s school is trying to ruin her life and K’s car decides to have a temper tantrum. Is A’s website ever going to be ready? We foam about the new Facebook Timeline – A gives you a tip about the rules for your cover photo.

We also foam about sibling rivalry. K has given up setting goals! What is she doing instead? Has Elvis returned? A goes on her first field trip and steps way out of her comfort zone.

A has a new love…what is it? K’s husband decides that he and K are very different. A discovers a natural solution to help with her depression. Will it work for K, or you?

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Extras/Show Notes

Check out Kirsten’s post on why she’s done setting goals (and what to do instead).

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches [link to wikipedia]

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