Sell Your Children to the Gypsies! (a fable)

PinExt Sell Your Children to the Gypsies! (a fable)

PCC Sell Your Children to Gypsies 245x375 Sell Your Children to the Gypsies! (a fable)It’s Spring Break for the Seidels. Will she survive? We both made a huge mistake this week. K plans a radically different birthday party.

A’s daughter gives her a pat on the back. Eli gets a fat lip and makes a major announcement. A becomes a royal brat about sleeping bags. Justine is having issues with her brother and K’s boys are getting a little too feely.

A discovers she is a better mom when she’s barely talking, especially with her teen. But did it help during Spring Break? K recommends some helpful parenting books; The Birth Order Book and Nurture by Nature. (More below…)

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K starts coaching A…why? Can her advice about Validation help you with your children? A helps her brother through a difficult decision. K gives tips make your job as a parent easier. K is going to travel and A is buried in taxes.

A is helping her kids doing some dream-building. A has discovered a new way to fill her cup….and K hates it. A travels back in time and gets nostalgic. And PCC is getting a facelift.

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pixel Sell Your Children to the Gypsies! (a fable)

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