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Should You Yell at Your Kids?

Should you yell at your kids? We tackle this tough topic in our Steaming Cup Story. The Nelsons are harvesting everything but strawberries. Is there a thief in in the midst… Should you ask your kids for their thoughts when hiring a nanny or babysitter? A share’s her lessons in finding Mary Poppins. Why is [...]


Episode 002-Invisible Leashes? Should you get your child a cell phone?

Kids and cell phones? YIKES! Check out this great guide on what to consider on whether you should get your kid a cell phone and the TOP CELL PHONE PROVIDERS for kids Click on link below to get your goodie! Cell Phones for Kids Guide PDF

002 Kid Leashes; Treating Our Children Like Dogs?

Are Child Leashes good for the child or only the parent?
Kirsten and Anamarie tackle the controversial topic of toddler leashes and then progress to the invisible leash; the cell-phone. Are you using it properly or opening your child up to the big world of predators? Tune in to find out.

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