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My Daughter Is A Thief!

What are A’s kids doing on the trampoline? K’s been on an emotional rollercoaster. A’s teen is being overly helpful—and it’s not good—how is A handling it? Justine steals something very precious and A catches her in the biggest lie ever! Is it beyond Easy As Pie? How does she handle it? Do children need [...]

Sell Your Children to the Gypsies (a fable)

Sell Your Children to the Gypsies! (a fable)

It’s Spring Break for the Seidels. Will she survive? We both made a huge mistake this week. K plans a radically different birthday party. A’s daughter gives her a pat on the back. Eli gets a fat lip and makes a major announcement. A becomes a royal brat about sleeping bags. Justine is having issues [...]

Teens Talking Back Have Bright Futures

Just who is the boss in this duo? K’s griping about Duchess and 125 is her new favorite number. Why are our parents grounded for putting us on an emotional roller coaster? What is making A feeling like a total geek? A finds research that backs up her advice to argue with your teens more. When [...]

The Crazy Things Kids Make You Say!

  Download Podcast Below To Listen Now: Click play button in player. To Download: Right click itty-bitty download link under player & save to computer. _______________________________________________ We foam about the never-ending FaceBook changes. We laugh about the crazy things that our children make us say! Should your boys sit down or stand up? And [...]

Back to School: When Your Child Won’t Go To School

Download Podcast Below To Listen: Click play button in player. To Download: Right click itty-bitty download link under player & save to computer.   We cheer about different wines. A is telling her daughter to smack her head! Why? She had an evening that would challenge SuperMan! K screams in defense of the family cat. K give [...]

The Big “O” – How Your Husband Can Fill Your Cup

Orgasms are our Steaming Cup topic in the second half of our show. ***Not For Children*** How did A fill her cup this week? And why is K saying she’s like a toasted marshmallow? K’s husband ordered her to fill her cup. Why is A giving a shout-out to her technically savvy, 13 year old [...]

Mommy & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

A just wanted to work out for one hour! and it turned into our Steaming Cup Story. She shares how she channeled her rage and discovered a brand new painting technique for natural nails. K experiences the ultimate Mommy retreat and it’s not a Carribean vacation! She’s also challenging her kids in an interesting way. [...]

Experiencing Teen Drama?

Teen Drama is our Steaming Cup Story topic. Where’s the respect? How is A handling Justine’s drama? K shares the research of what really is happening in our teen’s minds. Why will A have to cook 4 chickens for dinner? K loses Eli at a dinosaur park. How did she handle her emotion cycle until [...]

When Mom Loses It!

What happens when A totally loses it? K coaches her through the emotion cycle. Self Care is our Steaming Cup Topic and K shows how circles are so powerful for her. K also illuminates some new info about children’s brain development every 6 months. K is making a new hair fashion statement…beachy. A shares the [...]

Helping Your Child with Fear

How does K handle Eli’s fear of Kindergarten? K shares her perspective on little boys vs little girls. A’s looking for an upgrade and an overhaul. A has a psychosomatic attack that’s got her itchin‘. A thinks we should be teaching our children a second language…you might be surprised which one she chooses. K share’s [...]

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