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P90X: Is it a Killer Workout?

A fell into a ginormous rabbit hole…what sucked up her entire week? It has something to do with Nail Art. K is tackling the P90X workout, how did she do? It’s graduation time at the Nelson home. Is this the reason she’s getting crafty? We’re tackling an article about “objectifying children” for our Steaming Cup [...]

Ashes Ashes: Is Your Child’s Daycare Fireproof?

Latte Extra Foam 03/11/2011 Today’s Topics: The recent tragic fire in a Houston daycare got us thinking. How do you keep your kids safe from fire when they are at daycare? Fire safety is our Steaming Cup Story and how ignoring your intuition could put your children in danger. Check out these preventative measures. A’s daughter [...]

Latte Extra Foam 02/03/2011

Today’s Topics: How many different ways can we talk about perspective? A shares info on the new Seidel family member, the proper way to pick up a cat and updates on our projects. A chats about a book she never would have chosen on her own and learns about Seasons in Your Heart. K foams [...]

Latte Extra Foam 12/09/10

~ Latte Extra Foam ~ 12/09/2010 Today’s Topics: Eli’s June birthday plans, A’s attempt to make her mother-in-law’s ginger cookie recipe, K’s secret obsession, Cory’s reformation thanks to our podcast, A’s bizarre allergy, K’s beef with geese, A’s lab results, and K’s boys are testing her patience. Will she crack? Like what you hear? Leave [...]

007 Hammin’ It Up for the Holidays

Are your Holiday Traditions enslaving you to the kitchen?

K ‘n A share quick and easy tips to help bring a little more joy into your holiday food preparations. They’ll chat about Brandied Candied Yams, Smoked Brined Turkey, Tofurkey, Cinnabon Rolls, and Monkey Bread. They’ll also help you decide which traditions you want to keep.

Latte Extra Foam 12/02/2010

Today’s Topics: K’s Black Friday in Pocatello, 600 thread count sheets, snow fun, K’s decorating with toddlers and a pet-peeve, A’s budding gymnasts, a shout-out for the Pocket Referree (http://thepocketreferee.com). Disputes have decreased dramatically in A’s home. Also A’s knitting lessons, Harry Potter, K’s new Droid and our strategies for living with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and PMDD (Pre Menstral Dysphoric Disorder).

Latte Extra Foam 11/23/2010

Today’s Topics: A’s paper tiger experience, our organization systems, K’s update on Xander, our Thanksgiving plans, thoughts on our first iTunes review, A’s 28 day test, some foaming about motherhood, the massive behavior change in A’s house and the new product she’s creating. We’re looking for volunteer testers! And another shout-out to Naptime Radio.

Latte Extra Foam 11/04/2010

~ Latte Extra Foam ~ 11/04/2010
Today’s Topics: K’s sick kids, Time Out, Eli’s memory, Dane’s Excema, Our new haircuts, Coping when low on sleep, A’s book update, our FaceBook Fan Page, A losing appointments, Shout Out to Naptime Radio podcasters Heather, Kate & Ali P, and A’s fur obsession.

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