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The Myth Of Multitasking in Parenting: The After Show

We review our interview with author Dave Crenshaw and discuss how The Myth of Multitasking has impacted our lives. We share some rules about brown rice.What messages are we sending our kids when we’re so busy…You don’t matter to me. Did we “draw the line in the sand” like Dave suggested? K shares the experience [...]

Latte Extra Foam 01/27/2011

shout-out to one of our fans! K is finding snail tracks and A’s marriage is tested – for better or worse! Why we think moms should get paid sick days and is K sitting on heat vents? When your child is old enough to wipe their bum? Eli get’s punched in the face at the park. Why are we changing our name and talking about green onions? Do you have swiss-cheese-brain? K has been researching homeschooling, A gives a shout out to her 13 year old daughter and chats about her new family member. K shares a few tidbits about her smokin’ hot date with her hubby.

Latte Extra Foam 01/20/2011

Today’s Topics: Our technology woes, A finds the positive in some very negative feedback about her Easy As Pie Parenting Method, how the Manic Mommies podcast caused A to forget to pick up Bradley, K is drowning in testosterone induced stinky-winkys and we chat about colorful farts. Why did A’s husband go to prison and just when is she going to be finished with her book? K shares her smokin’ hot date plans and a trip to the zoo. How do you have the tough conversations with your kids? An update on the Double Espresso segment, the new Spelling Software we are testing, and we chat about homeschooling. How do you talk to your kids about money and can our friendship handle our podcasting?

Latte Extra Foam 01/06/2011

The Law of Attraction working for us in a bad way! K looks at her emotion cycle when Xander get sick again, A gives an update on the bullying Gymnastics Coach, A reveals a secret from her past and discuss a topic that kids rarely lie about. Why is A painting Lego bricks and why is K smelling her hands? A talks about the Enhanced version of our podcast.

Latte Extra Foam 12/23/2010

Today’s Topics: K’s shoutout to the Old Spice Guy on YouTube, A’s book update, K’s toothbrushing drama. Did K’s husband cheat on her? A makes the decision to turn in her children’s gymnastics teacher for verbal abuse and bullying, Our shout-out to the Manic Mommies Podcast, and A’s Gingerbread cookie update. Will Eli ever be old enough for a Christmas train and his birthday party plans. K is developing a petting habit and our 4 year old’s incessant talking and noises. How we handle being in a grumpy mood, how Brandon scored serious hubby points, our tip to get what you want from your husbands, and a book that can help determine if your marriage will work.

Latte Extra Foam 11/18/2010

Today’s Topics: K’s getting her voice back but there’s more! Our blooper, A’s laundry solution, K’s new family member, A’s helpful husband, K can see clearly now, A’s book update, Justine’s new phobia and A experiencing a friend’s car crash through the phone

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