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Latte Extra Foam 2/10/11: Jurassic Park at Daycare?

Tune in as K & A chat it up about this week’s parenting antics including panic attacks, poop in the kitchen, and People of Wal-Mart. Join us!

Latte Extra Foam 01/13/2011

Today’s Topics: K’s getting her kids to try new foods, A’s experience with taking pigs to the butcher, K took her kids to their first theater movie and potty training Xander, Justine’s oral surgery, Dane’s refusal to go to the dermatology appointment, K is addicted to field trips with her boys and finding useless trivia, A’s exciting news about a New York Times Bestselling Author Garrett Gunderson, K shares a heart-melting moment. K has started A’s Easy As Pie System with her boys and we chat about why parent’s don’t know how to teach their children good behavior. We’re looking for parents to test our new parenting tools and K has learned how Jesus saves.

Latte Extra Foam 01/06/2011

The Law of Attraction working for us in a bad way! K looks at her emotion cycle when Xander get sick again, A gives an update on the bullying Gymnastics Coach, A reveals a secret from her past and discuss a topic that kids rarely lie about. Why is A painting Lego bricks and why is K smelling her hands? A talks about the Enhanced version of our podcast.

Latte Extra Foam 12/29/2010

Today’s Topics:A’s Porcupine Tree, our Christmas Day Activities, A’s Boxing Day, and how A shocked her mother by neutralizing Bradley’s temper-tantrum in 20 seconds. Will A ever finish the Snowflake Cookies? Christmas cleanup, K’s Update on her Tantrum Taming Toolkit project, A’s Book Update, and K shares 2 year old Xander’s thoughts.

Latte Extra Foam 12/23/2010

Today’s Topics: K’s shoutout to the Old Spice Guy on YouTube, A’s book update, K’s toothbrushing drama. Did K’s husband cheat on her? A makes the decision to turn in her children’s gymnastics teacher for verbal abuse and bullying, Our shout-out to the Manic Mommies Podcast, and A’s Gingerbread cookie update. Will Eli ever be old enough for a Christmas train and his birthday party plans. K is developing a petting habit and our 4 year old’s incessant talking and noises. How we handle being in a grumpy mood, how Brandon scored serious hubby points, our tip to get what you want from your husbands, and a book that can help determine if your marriage will work.

Latte Extra Foam 12/18/2010 – Spoiler Alert!!!

Today’s Topics: !SPOILER ALERT! ***Listen with discretion around children*** Big shout-out to one of our fans; Rebecca AnnMarie!, A’s family trip to the Great Wolf Lodge and she blew a circuit, K questions the integrity of Santa, A’s new vacuum cleaner and our carpeting woes, K pays homage to Star Wars actor; Mark Hamill. Justine turns 13, our thoughts about ear piercing, books on CD, why Eli won’t be receiving certain toys, and A’s book update.

PS: A is getting creative – this enhanced podcast is filled with photos to illustrate the Chat. Enjoy!

Latte Extra Foam 12/09/10

~ Latte Extra Foam ~ 12/09/2010 Today’s Topics: Eli’s June birthday plans, A’s attempt to make her mother-in-law’s ginger cookie recipe, K’s secret obsession, Cory’s reformation thanks to our podcast, A’s bizarre allergy, K’s beef with geese, A’s lab results, and K’s boys are testing her patience. Will she crack? Like what you hear? Leave [...]

007 Hammin’ It Up for the Holidays

Are your Holiday Traditions enslaving you to the kitchen?

K ‘n A share quick and easy tips to help bring a little more joy into your holiday food preparations. They’ll chat about Brandied Candied Yams, Smoked Brined Turkey, Tofurkey, Cinnabon Rolls, and Monkey Bread. They’ll also help you decide which traditions you want to keep.

Latte Extra Foam 12/02/2010

Today’s Topics: K’s Black Friday in Pocatello, 600 thread count sheets, snow fun, K’s decorating with toddlers and a pet-peeve, A’s budding gymnasts, a shout-out for the Pocket Referree (http://thepocketreferee.com). Disputes have decreased dramatically in A’s home. Also A’s knitting lessons, Harry Potter, K’s new Droid and our strategies for living with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and PMDD (Pre Menstral Dysphoric Disorder).

006 Poop, Puke & Boogers. The Glories of Motherhood

How Do You Handle the Gross Side of Parenting?

If you knew about some of these things before you became a parent, you might have thought twice! K ‘n A address the grosser side of children and how to handle those wild emotions when you feel like steam could come out of your ears. K’s Steaming Cup Story will make you cringe and laugh at the same time. Please share some of your stories on our website; KnAChatCafe.com.

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