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Latte Extra Foam 01/06/2011

The Law of Attraction working for us in a bad way! K looks at her emotion cycle when Xander get sick again, A gives an update on the bullying Gymnastics Coach, A reveals a secret from her past and discuss a topic that kids rarely lie about. Why is A painting Lego bricks and why is K smelling her hands? A talks about the Enhanced version of our podcast.

Latte Extra Foam 11/23/2010

Today’s Topics: A’s paper tiger experience, our organization systems, K’s update on Xander, our Thanksgiving plans, thoughts on our first iTunes review, A’s 28 day test, some foaming about motherhood, the massive behavior change in A’s house and the new product she’s creating. We’re looking for volunteer testers! And another shout-out to Naptime Radio.

005 When Your Chiluns Are Illuns

ow Do You React When Your Children Are Hospitalized?

How do you handle those crazy, worrisome emotions when your children are seriously ill? And how are your thoughts affecting your child’s healing? Through their personal experiences, Kirsten and Anamarie are going to give you some tips and techniques to handle this seemingly unbearable stress.

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