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Is Screen Time Scary?

Halloween Controversy – No trick or treating for Nelsons and no Halloween fairy for Seidels. A’s website is getting more popular, K admires her son’s boldness. A helps a mom in Pakistan – what advice did she give? Screen time for our children – K & A have made some changes.     Like what [...]

Too Much Screen-time?

  What? A and K, the great under-achievers? K returns from Calgary only to turn around and leave again. Why? A starts mixing business with pleasure in Maui. Did it work? What caused her to return and flip her kids’ world upside down? K starts spreading goodwill.       Like what you hear? Leave [...]

Tantrums: Taming The Little Demon

  Fall is here! How is K dealing with the weather change in the Pacific Northwest. Seasonal Depression -K shares some tips on how she deals with it. Speaking of Fall, hear how K had a literal fall of her own and has the bump to prove it. “What do you mean did I drop [...]

The Easy As Pie Manual Is Available!

  A’s husband has been laid off. How well is she handling it? …. and the kids? K gives a sneek peek to a new project she’s been working on. A has great news about Simple Nail Art Tips and Easy As Pie! A helps a mom from around the globe! K makes a big confession. A’s husband has discovered why A likes to sleep late in the morning. Eli has decided school isn’t for him…how does K handle it? What do we [...]

Anger Management For Children

K’s been busy exploring the Pacific Northwest. A is reeling from shocking news. A has an amazing announcement that she’s totally jazzed about. A is cursing evil little creatures! There’s bombing and spraying and baths….Oye! We delve deep into the angry child syndrome. Anger management for children is tough on their own. What can you [...]

When Kids Destroy Library Books

What to do with boys who want to destroy everything. Can YouTube help? K has been compartmentalized. How is she settling into her new home? A has found a new office space. One of our Facebook fans asks for help with a daughter who is destroying library books. How do we help her? Why do [...]

Kirsten’s Big Move!

      K and A are finally recording in the same room! K shares her new loves from the Pacific North West. Does McDonalds serve anything vegetarian? K’s children experience the ocean and K’s camera meets a catastophe. Can rice be the cure? What is K’s deal with carpet? Why are we talking about [...]

My Daughter Is A Thief!

What are A’s kids doing on the trampoline? K’s been on an emotional rollercoaster. A’s teen is being overly helpful—and it’s not good—how is A handling it? Justine steals something very precious and A catches her in the biggest lie ever! Is it beyond Easy As Pie? How does she handle it? Do children need [...]

Don’t Sit On Wasps!

K’s feeling waspish and wants to bite back. Why was A telling her daughter to hit herself? A actually found directions for Selling Your Kids to the Gypsies! A tries an experiment that shocks her gastroenterologist. K learning juggling—how’s it going? A’s cursing alarm clocks and calling K crazy. K makes a personal confession. A [...]

Teens Talking Back Have Bright Futures

Just who is the boss in this duo? K’s griping about Duchess and 125 is her new favorite number. Why are our parents grounded for putting us on an emotional roller coaster? What is making A feeling like a total geek? A finds research that backs up her advice to argue with your teens more. When [...]

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