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Sibling Rivalry – Get Involved or Stay Out?

A uses crime scene investigation to solve the mystery of Dane giving Andrew a bloody nose. What did she discover? A also helps Justine change her perspective and understand a “reverse compliment.” Sibling Rivalry: Should you stay out or get in the middle? Our answer goes totally against conventional parenting wisdom, but science backs us [...]

Latte Extra Foam 01/13/2011

Today’s Topics: K’s getting her kids to try new foods, A’s experience with taking pigs to the butcher, K took her kids to their first theater movie and potty training Xander, Justine’s oral surgery, Dane’s refusal to go to the dermatology appointment, K is addicted to field trips with her boys and finding useless trivia, A’s exciting news about a New York Times Bestselling Author Garrett Gunderson, K shares a heart-melting moment. K has started A’s Easy As Pie System with her boys and we chat about why parent’s don’t know how to teach their children good behavior. We’re looking for parents to test our new parenting tools and K has learned how Jesus saves.

Latte Extra Foam 11/23/2010

Today’s Topics: A’s paper tiger experience, our organization systems, K’s update on Xander, our Thanksgiving plans, thoughts on our first iTunes review, A’s 28 day test, some foaming about motherhood, the massive behavior change in A’s house and the new product she’s creating. We’re looking for volunteer testers! And another shout-out to Naptime Radio.

Latte Extra Foam 11/04/2010

~ Latte Extra Foam ~ 11/04/2010
Today’s Topics: K’s sick kids, Time Out, Eli’s memory, Dane’s Excema, Our new haircuts, Coping when low on sleep, A’s book update, our FaceBook Fan Page, A losing appointments, Shout Out to Naptime Radio podcasters Heather, Kate & Ali P, and A’s fur obsession.

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