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Kirsten’s Big Move!

      K and A are finally recording in the same room! K shares her new loves from the Pacific North West. Does McDonalds serve anything vegetarian? K’s children experience the ocean and K’s camera meets a catastophe. Can rice be the cure? What is K’s deal with carpet? Why are we talking about [...]

A Real Workout for Real Moms 3.1.12

Losing the bellyfat after having children might seem impossible, but K and A’s favorite workout takes 15 minutes in your living room. No weights, Zumba, Pilates…what is it? Oxycise. A makes a huge apology to K. And why are K’s boys getting mud pies for Valentine’s Day next year? Has K recovered from her “fried [...]

Crafty Mom Failure! 2.16.12

Have carrier monkeys moved in our homes? Ana’s daughter has been sick for over two weeks and how is it messing with A’s rituals? How is K helping her 3yo who won’t stop complaining? K finally discovers the real reason that Eli doesn’t want to go to school.  Death falls on the Seidel home. How [...]

Willpower: Can’t Change Kids’ Bad Habits 2.2.12

A shares the latest research on Dopamine and how it affects your brain. It’s NOT what we believed. How can you use this info to help your children with their bad habits? K’s getting gross again but it’s for an important health reason that she’s talking poop. The stress in K’s home has affected Eli [...]

Teens Talking Back Have Bright Futures

Just who is the boss in this duo? K’s griping about Duchess and 125 is her new favorite number. Why are our parents grounded for putting us on an emotional roller coaster? What is making A feeling like a total geek? A finds research that backs up her advice to argue with your teens more. When [...]

The Big “O” – How Your Husband Can Fill Your Cup

Orgasms are our Steaming Cup topic in the second half of our show. ***Not For Children*** How did A fill her cup this week? And why is K saying she’s like a toasted marshmallow? K’s husband ordered her to fill her cup. Why is A giving a shout-out to her technically savvy, 13 year old [...]

Experiencing Teen Drama?

Teen Drama is our Steaming Cup Story topic. Where’s the respect? How is A handling Justine’s drama? K shares the research of what really is happening in our teen’s minds. Why will A have to cook 4 chickens for dinner? K loses Eli at a dinosaur park. How did she handle her emotion cycle until [...]

Husbands, Girlfriends, and Man-Gadgets

Calgary or Bust – We foam about our business trip working with Michael Drew of www.PersonaArchitecture.com.  So are human beings really complex? or simple? Does understanding personalities help you be a better parent? A chats about another Ana Sidel and what is K sticking in her ear? A gives a little inside info about K. [...]

When Mom Loses It!

What happens when A totally loses it? K coaches her through the emotion cycle. Self Care is our Steaming Cup Topic and K shows how circles are so powerful for her. K also illuminates some new info about children’s brain development every 6 months. K is making a new hair fashion statement…beachy. A shares the [...]

Should You Discipline Someone Else’s Child?

Bullies at the park is our Steaming Cup Topic. Have you ever had to talk to somone else’s child who is bullying your child? Why is A in mourning? K’s kids are still waking up early…is it possible to choose to be happy? K is identifying with Tina Fey’s character in the movie, Date Night. [...]

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