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Latte Extra Foam 11/23/2010

Today’s Topics: A’s paper tiger experience, our organization systems, K’s update on Xander, our Thanksgiving plans, thoughts on our first iTunes review, A’s 28 day test, some foaming about motherhood, the massive behavior change in A’s house and the new product she’s creating. We’re looking for volunteer testers! And another shout-out to Naptime Radio.

Latte Extra Foam 11/18/2010

Today’s Topics: K’s getting her voice back but there’s more! Our blooper, A’s laundry solution, K’s new family member, A’s helpful husband, K can see clearly now, A’s book update, Justine’s new phobia and A experiencing a friend’s car crash through the phone

003 Fill Your Cup First

Feeling Lost in Parenthood?

Mothers have to be “Mom” all the time, every day and there isn’t a sacred place in the house. With a little humor, we discuss the reasons why it is important to take time for yourself and give you tips on how you can do just that!

002 Kid Leashes; Treating Our Children Like Dogs?

Are Child Leashes good for the child or only the parent?
Kirsten and Anamarie tackle the controversial topic of toddler leashes and then progress to the invisible leash; the cell-phone. Are you using it properly or opening your child up to the big world of predators? Tune in to find out.

Latte Extra Foam 10/11/2010

Parenting Chat Cafe with K ‘n A Latte Extra Foam: The humorous and informative podcast for parents raising children in a new millennium. Today’s Topics: Looking for Bradley’s shoes, K visits the pumpkin patch, Dane’s swearing, duct tape, Xander’s health, Justine’s painting, TeleSeminar planning and our book updates.

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