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Why Kids Are So Hard to Raise

Today’s Topics: Our Spring Fling Show! We’re introducing you to Kirsten and Anamarie; how we got started podcasting, writing and creating positive parenting products. We share the tough events in our lives that helped Kirsten write the Toddler Tantrum Toolkit and Anamarie write her book and create the Easy As Pie Parenting Method. Anamarie shares [...]

Ready For a Spring Fling?

Latte Extra Foam 04/07/2011 Today’s Topics: We’ve got a really exciting positive parenting announcement for our Steaming Cup Story. You won’t want to miss this! K’s got it bad for Bill Gates and how he’s messing with her NLP. We also share why “after” is one of our favorite parenting words. A foams about her [...]

Is Society Promoting Bad Mothering?

Latte Extra Foam 03/24/2011 Today’s Topics: K’s foaming about insulation, A’s latest design project, K’s cat is in the doghouse – because he is gay? And she’s sharing her genius painting tip. A share’s some juicy details about her past. Is Eli self regulating his screen time and why is Xander smashing guitars? We bless [...]

Screen Time – How Much is Too Much?

Latte Extra Foam 03/17/2011 Today’s Topics: We’re foaming about whether our kids have more or less screen time? Our answer might surprise you. Are you guilty of stacking, split-tasking or multi-tasking? Should your children listen to music while doing homework and are iPads good for autistic children? A share’s her children’s results using SpellQuizzer software [...]

Ashes Ashes: Is Your Child’s Daycare Fireproof?

Latte Extra Foam 03/11/2011 Today’s Topics: The recent tragic fire in a Houston daycare got us thinking. How do you keep your kids safe from fire when they are at daycare? Fire safety is our Steaming Cup Story and how ignoring your intuition could put your children in danger. Check out these preventative measures. A’s daughter [...]

Latte Extra Foam 2/24/11: Chicago’s Hottest Attraction: O’Hare Airport Bathrooms?

Today’s Topics: What’s Chicago’s hottest tourist attraction?  A says “Go no further than the O’Hare Airport bathrooms!” Who fell asleep at the Harlem Globetrotters game and why is K raving about “hip-jangle-thingies?” Does A drive as poorly as the Chicago Taxi Drivers and what is K sticking up her nose? A’s new Lifebook; a mega-scrapbook-on-steroids [...]

Latte Extra Foam 2/10/11: Jurassic Park at Daycare?

Tune in as K & A chat it up about this week’s parenting antics including panic attacks, poop in the kitchen, and People of Wal-Mart. Join us!

Latte Extra Foam 02/03/2011

Today’s Topics: How many different ways can we talk about perspective? A shares info on the new Seidel family member, the proper way to pick up a cat and updates on our projects. A chats about a book she never would have chosen on her own and learns about Seasons in Your Heart. K foams [...]

Latte Extra Foam 01/27/2011

shout-out to one of our fans! K is finding snail tracks and A’s marriage is tested – for better or worse! Why we think moms should get paid sick days and is K sitting on heat vents? When your child is old enough to wipe their bum? Eli get’s punched in the face at the park. Why are we changing our name and talking about green onions? Do you have swiss-cheese-brain? K has been researching homeschooling, A gives a shout out to her 13 year old daughter and chats about her new family member. K shares a few tidbits about her smokin’ hot date with her hubby.

Latte Extra Foam 01/20/2011

Today’s Topics: Our technology woes, A finds the positive in some very negative feedback about her Easy As Pie Parenting Method, how the Manic Mommies podcast caused A to forget to pick up Bradley, K is drowning in testosterone induced stinky-winkys and we chat about colorful farts. Why did A’s husband go to prison and just when is she going to be finished with her book? K shares her smokin’ hot date plans and a trip to the zoo. How do you have the tough conversations with your kids? An update on the Double Espresso segment, the new Spelling Software we are testing, and we chat about homeschooling. How do you talk to your kids about money and can our friendship handle our podcasting?

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