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Lying: How We Teach our Kids to Lie

Latte Extra Foam 03/31/2011 Today’s Topics: A’s Steaming Cup Story is about her lost wallet – did her kids steal it? Can your sweat burn you? What’s the very best thing to do if your child is lying? K chats about why it can be so hard to break the bonds from our ancestors. Are [...]

Is Society Promoting Bad Mothering?

Latte Extra Foam 03/24/2011 Today’s Topics: K’s foaming about insulation, A’s latest design project, K’s cat is in the doghouse – because he is gay? And she’s sharing her genius painting tip. A share’s some juicy details about her past. Is Eli self regulating his screen time and why is Xander smashing guitars? We bless [...]

Screen Time – How Much is Too Much?

Latte Extra Foam 03/17/2011 Today’s Topics: We’re foaming about whether our kids have more or less screen time? Our answer might surprise you. Are you guilty of stacking, split-tasking or multi-tasking? Should your children listen to music while doing homework and are iPads good for autistic children? A share’s her children’s results using SpellQuizzer software [...]

Ashes Ashes: Is Your Child’s Daycare Fireproof?

Latte Extra Foam 03/11/2011 Today’s Topics: The recent tragic fire in a Houston daycare got us thinking. How do you keep your kids safe from fire when they are at daycare? Fire safety is our Steaming Cup Story and how ignoring your intuition could put your children in danger.┬áCheck out these preventative measures. A’s daughter [...]

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