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Sell Your Children to the Gypsies (a fable)

Sell Your Children to the Gypsies! (a fable)

It’s Spring Break for the Seidels. Will she survive? We both made a huge mistake this week. K plans a radically different birthday party. A’s daughter gives her a pat on the back. Eli gets a fat lip and makes a major announcement. A becomes a royal brat about sleeping bags. Justine is having issues [...]

Willpower: Can’t Change Kids’ Bad Habits 2.2.12

A shares the latest research on Dopamine and how it affects your brain. It’s NOT what we believed. How can you use this info to help your children with their bad habits? K’s getting gross again but it’s for an important health reason that she’s talking poop. The stress in K’s home has affected Eli [...]

How To Stop Kids Fighting

What happens when A stops filling her cup, and gets totally geeky about fish. Strangely, we end up talking about poop again. A’s nail polish collection has K in stitches. K’s gone gaga for Kindle while A researches designing eReader books. K praises her husband for telling her to take off. Then she is bedazzled [...]

Sibling Rivalry – Get Involved or Stay Out?

A uses crime scene investigation to solve the mystery of Dane giving Andrew a bloody nose. What did she discover? A also helps Justine change her perspective and understand a “reverse compliment.” Sibling Rivalry: Should you stay out or get in the middle? Our answer goes totally against conventional parenting wisdom, but science backs us [...]

Back to School: When Your Child Won’t Go To School

Download Podcast Below To Listen: Click play button in player. To Download: Right click itty-bitty download link under player & save to computer.   We cheer about different wines. A is telling her daughter to smack her head! Why? She had an evening that would challenge SuperMan! K screams in defense of the family cat. K give [...]

Back to School! We’re So Happy!

Why is A is super excited? K is stalking school buses…Will she ever let go of Eli? K says the government is punishing kids….how? Is K a super-Mom? Why is A doing a happy dance and taking photos? What has changed the dynamics between K’s boys? K is relishing two hours to herself and waxing poetic about tomatoes and [...]

Experiencing Teen Drama?

Teen Drama is our Steaming Cup Story topic. Where’s the respect? How is A handling Justine’s drama? K shares the research of what really is happening in our teen’s minds. Why will A have to cook 4 chickens for dinner? K loses Eli at a dinosaur park. How did she handle her emotion cycle until [...]

How to Burn Ramen Noodles

  How to Burn Ramen Noodles…put a 7 year old in charge! It’s a big birthday week in K’s home. Should you make your children share their toys? A has entered the world of teenage drama…enter the world of “dog farts” and “hot sauce.” A foams about Dane’s breakfast experiment with Ramen Noodles. How did [...]

NurtureShock: The After Show

Today’s Topics: We review our experience interviewing Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, bestselling authors of NurtureShock. K makes a confession she’s been hiding for 20 years. A’s figured out why she doesn’t want to go to the gym. We share how the new information about sleep deprivation, why children lie and fight with siblings, and the right kind [...]

NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children

Are you teaching your kids to lie?  How do you stop sibling rivalry? Is praising your kids setting them up for failure?  Can sleep deprivation make your kids fat?  Join K ‘n A for an exclusive interview with Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, New York Time’s Bestselling Authors of NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children. NurtureShock [...]

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