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Helping Your Child with Fear

How does K handle Eli’s fear of Kindergarten? K shares her perspective on little boys vs little girls. A’s looking for an upgrade and an overhaul. A has a psychosomatic attack that’s got her itchin‘. A thinks we should be teaching our children a second language…you might be surprised which one she chooses. K share’s [...]

Spanking: Kids Need Kisses, Not Smacks

Today’s Topics: We’re foaming about Spanking. Is corporal punishment effective? How did A’s mother learn to stop spanking? Why is K suggesting mirrors around your whole house? A broke the trust with her 9 year old. How did she fix it? A’s daughter’s art teacher gives her a call. What mistake did she make? K [...]

Vaccinations: Who’s Really Right?

Latte Extra Foam 04/21/2011 Today’s Topics: More info about our exciting project; the Positive Parenting Network Spring Fling. A needs to confront Justine’s art teacher about her latest project. K gets steamy about the vaccination debate. Is she making the right choice? A chats about her trip to the SAM Retreat in Utah. She shares [...]

Ready For a Spring Fling?

Latte Extra Foam 04/07/2011 Today’s Topics: We’ve got a really exciting positive parenting announcement for our Steaming Cup Story. You won’t want to miss this! K’s got it bad for Bill Gates and how he’s messing with her NLP. We also share why “after” is one of our favorite parenting words. A foams about her [...]

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