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Don’t Sit On Wasps!

K’s feeling waspish and wants to bite back. Why was A telling her daughter to hit herself? A actually found directions for Selling Your Kids to the Gypsies! A tries an experiment that shocks her gastroenterologist. K learning juggling—how’s it going? A’s cursing alarm clocks and calling K crazy. K makes a personal confession. A [...]

Sell Your Children to the Gypsies (a fable)

Sell Your Children to the Gypsies! (a fable)

It’s Spring Break for the Seidels. Will she survive? We both made a huge mistake this week. K plans a radically different birthday party. A’s daughter gives her a pat on the back. Eli gets a fat lip and makes a major announcement. A becomes a royal brat about sleeping bags. Justine is having issues [...]

Ready For a Spring Fling?

Latte Extra Foam 04/07/2011 Today’s Topics: We’ve got a really exciting positive parenting announcement for our Steaming Cup Story. You won’t want to miss this! K’s got it bad for Bill Gates and how he’s messing with her NLP. We also share why “after” is one of our favorite parenting words. A foams about her [...]

Lying: How We Teach our Kids to Lie

Latte Extra Foam 03/31/2011 Today’s Topics: A’s Steaming Cup Story is about her lost wallet – did her kids steal it? Can your sweat burn you? What’s the very best thing to do if your child is lying? K chats about why it can be so hard to break the bonds from our ancestors. Are [...]

Screen Time – How Much is Too Much?

Latte Extra Foam 03/17/2011 Today’s Topics: We’re foaming about whether our kids have more or less screen time? Our answer might surprise you. Are you guilty of stacking, split-tasking or multi-tasking? Should your children listen to music while doing homework and are iPads good for autistic children? A share’s her children’s results using SpellQuizzer software [...]

Latte Extra Foam 2/24/11: Chicago’s Hottest Attraction: O’Hare Airport Bathrooms?

Today’s Topics: What’s Chicago’s hottest tourist attraction?  A says “Go no further than the O’Hare Airport bathrooms!” Who fell asleep at the Harlem Globetrotters game and why is K raving about “hip-jangle-thingies?” Does A drive as poorly as the Chicago Taxi Drivers and what is K sticking up her nose? A’s new Lifebook; a mega-scrapbook-on-steroids [...]

Latte Extra Foam 2/10/11: Jurassic Park at Daycare?

Tune in as K & A chat it up about this week’s parenting antics including panic attacks, poop in the kitchen, and People of Wal-Mart. Join us!

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