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Tantrums: Taming The Little Demon

  Fall is here! How is K dealing with the weather change in the Pacific Northwest. Seasonal Depression -K shares some tips on how she deals with it. Speaking of Fall, hear how K had a literal fall of her own and has the bump to prove it. “What do you mean did I drop [...]

Experiencing Teen Drama?

Teen Drama is our Steaming Cup Story topic. Where’s the respect? How is A handling Justine’s drama? K shares the research of what really is happening in our teen’s minds. Why will A have to cook 4 chickens for dinner? K loses Eli at a dinosaur park. How did she handle her emotion cycle until [...]

How to Burn Ramen Noodles

  How to Burn Ramen Noodles…put a 7 year old in charge! It’s a big birthday week in K’s home. Should you make your children share their toys? A has entered the world of teenage drama…enter the world of “dog farts” and “hot sauce.” A foams about Dane’s breakfast experiment with Ramen Noodles. How did [...]

Latte Extra Foam 2/24/11: Chicago’s Hottest Attraction: O’Hare Airport Bathrooms?

Today’s Topics: What’s Chicago’s hottest tourist attraction?  A says “Go no further than the O’Hare Airport bathrooms!” Who fell asleep at the Harlem Globetrotters game and why is K raving about “hip-jangle-thingies?” Does A drive as poorly as the Chicago Taxi Drivers and what is K sticking up her nose? A’s new Lifebook; a mega-scrapbook-on-steroids [...]

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