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My Daughter Is A Thief!

What are A’s kids doing on the trampoline? K’s been on an emotional rollercoaster. A’s teen is being overly helpful—and it’s not good—how is A handling it? Justine steals something very precious and A catches her in the biggest lie ever! Is it beyond Easy As Pie? How does she handle it? Do children need [...]

Sell Your Children to the Gypsies (a fable)

Sell Your Children to the Gypsies! (a fable)

It’s Spring Break for the Seidels. Will she survive? We both made a huge mistake this week. K plans a radically different birthday party. A’s daughter gives her a pat on the back. Eli gets a fat lip and makes a major announcement. A becomes a royal brat about sleeping bags. Justine is having issues [...]

Planning the Perfect Romantic Vacation

A’s husband gets very creative when they are planning the perfect 20th Anniversary Romantic Vacation. Wait until you hear their plans! A has exciting news – is she pregnant? Also, she has to draw the line with Justine. What is the danger of being an introvert? K’s kiddos have turned on the cute factor this [...]

Why You Should Argue With Your Teen!

Why is A’s cup is running over? Brandon pops a surprise on K – what was it? K is also feeling very guilty. What does she do to help? Should you take brand name or generic prescriptions? K shares what she does to cheer herself up, videos, sitting by lions, etc. Why you should argue [...]

Experiencing Teen Drama?

Teen Drama is our Steaming Cup Story topic. Where’s the respect? How is A handling Justine’s drama? K shares the research of what really is happening in our teen’s minds. Why will A have to cook 4 chickens for dinner? K loses Eli at a dinosaur park. How did she handle her emotion cycle until [...]

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