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Don’t Sit On Wasps!

K’s feeling waspish and wants to bite back. Why was A telling her daughter to hit herself? A actually found directions for Selling Your Kids to the Gypsies! A tries an experiment that shocks her gastroenterologist. K learning juggling—how’s it going? A’s cursing alarm clocks and calling K crazy. K makes a personal confession. A [...]

Latte Extra Foam 02/03/2011

Today’s Topics: How many different ways can we talk about perspective? A shares info on the new Seidel family member, the proper way to pick up a cat and updates on our projects. A chats about a book she never would have chosen on her own and learns about Seasons in Your Heart. K foams [...]

Latte Extra Foam 01/20/2011

Today’s Topics: Our technology woes, A finds the positive in some very negative feedback about her Easy As Pie Parenting Method, how the Manic Mommies podcast caused A to forget to pick up Bradley, K is drowning in testosterone induced stinky-winkys and we chat about colorful farts. Why did A’s husband go to prison and just when is she going to be finished with her book? K shares her smokin’ hot date plans and a trip to the zoo. How do you have the tough conversations with your kids? An update on the Double Espresso segment, the new Spelling Software we are testing, and we chat about homeschooling. How do you talk to your kids about money and can our friendship handle our podcasting?

Latte Extra Foam 12/29/2010

Today’s Topics:A’s Porcupine Tree, our Christmas Day Activities, A’s Boxing Day, and how A shocked her mother by neutralizing Bradley’s temper-tantrum in 20 seconds. Will A ever finish the Snowflake Cookies? Christmas cleanup, K’s Update on her Tantrum Taming Toolkit project, A’s Book Update, and K shares 2 year old Xander’s thoughts.

Latte Extra Foam 12/23/2010

Today’s Topics: K’s shoutout to the Old Spice Guy on YouTube, A’s book update, K’s toothbrushing drama. Did K’s husband cheat on her? A makes the decision to turn in her children’s gymnastics teacher for verbal abuse and bullying, Our shout-out to the Manic Mommies Podcast, and A’s Gingerbread cookie update. Will Eli ever be old enough for a Christmas train and his birthday party plans. K is developing a petting habit and our 4 year old’s incessant talking and noises. How we handle being in a grumpy mood, how Brandon scored serious hubby points, our tip to get what you want from your husbands, and a book that can help determine if your marriage will work.

Latte Extra Foam 12/18/2010 – Spoiler Alert!!!

Today’s Topics: !SPOILER ALERT! ***Listen with discretion around children*** Big shout-out to one of our fans; Rebecca AnnMarie!, A’s family trip to the Great Wolf Lodge and she blew a circuit, K questions the integrity of Santa, A’s new vacuum cleaner and our carpeting woes, K pays homage to Star Wars actor; Mark Hamill. Justine turns 13, our thoughts about ear piercing, books on CD, why Eli won’t be receiving certain toys, and A’s book update.

PS: A is getting creative – this enhanced podcast is filled with photos to illustrate the Chat. Enjoy!

Latte Extra Foam 11/18/2010

Today’s Topics: K’s getting her voice back but there’s more! Our blooper, A’s laundry solution, K’s new family member, A’s helpful husband, K can see clearly now, A’s book update, Justine’s new phobia and A experiencing a friend’s car crash through the phone

Latte Extra Foam 11/04/2010

~ Latte Extra Foam ~ 11/04/2010
Today’s Topics: K’s sick kids, Time Out, Eli’s memory, Dane’s Excema, Our new haircuts, Coping when low on sleep, A’s book update, our FaceBook Fan Page, A losing appointments, Shout Out to Naptime Radio podcasters Heather, Kate & Ali P, and A’s fur obsession.

Latte Extra Foam 10/11/2010

Parenting Chat Cafe with K ‘n A Latte Extra Foam: The humorous and informative podcast for parents raising children in a new millennium. Today’s Topics: Looking for Bradley’s shoes, K visits the pumpkin patch, Dane’s swearing, duct tape, Xander’s health, Justine’s painting, TeleSeminar planning and our book updates.

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