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Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen – Good Parenting?

  A frustrated dad shoots his troubled daughter’s laptop for ranting on Facebook about him and posts the Youtube video on her facebook page. Is this good parenting? Kirsten and Ana are on fire about this parenting tactic! Listen in. What do you think? Download Podcast Below: To Listen Now: Click play triangle in [...]

Bellyfat: Sinister or Sexy? 1.12.12

We make an important decision about our podcast. What does K do that shocks A’s 8 year old. A digs up dirt on Sephora. How is Payless Shoes and indicator of our depressed economy? How are Zumba and YouTube connected? What gets us talking about pole dancing and marshmallows? (More below…) We apologize in advance [...]

Why You Should Argue With Your Teen!

Why is A’s cup is running over? Brandon pops a surprise on K – what was it? K is also feeling very guilty. What does she do to help? Should you take brand name or generic prescriptions? K shares what she does to cheer herself up, videos, sitting by lions, etc. Why you should argue [...]

Latte Extra Foam 12/23/2010

Today’s Topics: K’s shoutout to the Old Spice Guy on YouTube, A’s book update, K’s toothbrushing drama. Did K’s husband cheat on her? A makes the decision to turn in her children’s gymnastics teacher for verbal abuse and bullying, Our shout-out to the Manic Mommies Podcast, and A’s Gingerbread cookie update. Will Eli ever be old enough for a Christmas train and his birthday party plans. K is developing a petting habit and our 4 year old’s incessant talking and noises. How we handle being in a grumpy mood, how Brandon scored serious hubby points, our tip to get what you want from your husbands, and a book that can help determine if your marriage will work.

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